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The Institute of Biomedical Sciences was established as the first research unit of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Maribor. Since its inception in 2005, the group has actively brought together clinical and preclinical experts from home and abroad to develop new therapeutic, diagnostic and other technologies and push the boundaries of research both at the Faculty and in the wider region.

Today, the group’s main focus is on regenerative medicine, both in terms of finding advanced drug delivery systems and patient-friendly solutions for wound care, and in developing in vitro models of tissues and diseases that bring new understanding of pathophysiology and enable the development of new therapies and personalised medicine. Our mission is on finding concrete solutions to pressing clinical problems, where we seek joint solutions in collaborations with clinical and industrial partners. Recently, our work has also extended towards translational medicine, that will lead to concrete benefits for patients.

In order to successfully tackle challenges that require an interdisciplinary approach, the group combines expertise from the fields of (bio)medicine, cell and molecular biology, (patho)physiology, pharmaceutics, as well as materials science and additive technologies. Our work is facilitated by the state-of-the-art research infrastructure available at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor. This includes equipment for preparation, characterisation and design of materials, cell cultures in 2D and 3D environments, as well as a wide range of analytical methods for assessing the growth and development of cell cultures at different scales – from molecules to tissues.

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A motivated, proactive, team player interested in biomedical engineering and/or related topics such as materials science, cell and molecular biology, regenerative medicine, etc. Someone who is eager to learn and wants to join an enthusiastic, friendly and interdisciplinary team, either as a Master, PhD or post-doc candidate.

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Service activities we offer to the industry

Preparation of (bio) polymer coatings

Preparation of 3D printed structures from (bio) polymers

Chemical and structural characterization of (bio) polymer products

Biocompatibility studies

Development of in vitro models of human tissues and diseases

Development of pharmacological delivery systems

Testing of pharmacologically active substances of natural and synthetic origin

Testing the pharmacological and toxic effects of various physical and chemical factors

Biochemical analyzes of biological samples

Development and testing of (bio) sensors