Cooperation and services

We strive to push the boundaries of biomedical engineering and related fields through cutting-edge research, collaborative partnerships, and research services. Our mission is to create new knowledge, develop breakthrough technologies and contribute to the improvement of people’s health and well-being. 


We invite researchers and research organizations with complementary knowledge and experience to collaborate on research topics where we can pool our insights and develop new solutions. We are also happy to participate in the joint preparation of applications for financing research projects.


With state-of-the-art research facilities, we offer affordable research services to institutions that otherwise do not have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure. We offer a range of methods and applications including:

  • Nano and micro CT: Gain insight into the microstructure of complex samples with high resolution.
  • 3D Bioprinting: Translate innovative concepts into tangible prototypes for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
  • (Bio)polymer coatings and coatings: Take advantage of customized coatings for improved material properties and biocompatibility.
  • Chemical and structural characterization: Gain an in-depth understanding of (bio)polymer products through comprehensive analysis.
  • Cytotoxicity studies: Assess the safety of materials using cytotoxicity assays.
  • Development of in vitro tissue models: Generate new models for drug development and improve understanding of pathophysiology.
  • Development of drug delivery systems: Shape the future of drug delivery with innovative strategies for improved therapeutic efficacy.
  • Biosensor Development: Innovate in diagnostics by developing and testing state-of-the-art sensors for patient care.


If you are interested in participating in research projects or using our specialized research services, we invite you to contact us and communicate your ideas, needs and wishes, for which we will try to explore the possibilities together and chart a way forward.

Bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Service activities we offer to the industry

Preparation of (bio) polymer coatings

Preparation of 3D printed structures from (bio) polymers

Chemical and structural characterization of (bio) polymer products

Biocompatibility studies

Development of in vitro models of human tissues and diseases

Development of pharmacological delivery systems

Testing of pharmacologically active substances of natural and synthetic origin

Testing the pharmacological and toxic effects of various physical and chemical factors

Biochemical analyzes of biological samples

Development and testing of (bio) sensors

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