Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uroš Maver 

Principal investigator, chair

Assist. Prof. Dr. Tina Maver 

Principal investigator

Assist. Dr. Boštjan Vihar

Post-doctoral researcher

Assist. Dr. Jan Rožanc 

Post-doctoral researcher

Assist. Dr. Marko Milojević 

Post-doctoral researcher

M.Sc. Laura Činč Ćurić 

PhD candidate

Jernej Vajda, MD 

PhD candidate 

M.Sc. Lidija Gradišnik 

PhD candidate, research assistant

Boštjan Krajnc, mag. farm. 

Laboratory assistant

Assist. Dr. Tanja Zidarič 

Post-doctoral researcher

Assist. Kristijan Skok, MD

Associate researcher

Maja Maver 

Visiting researcher

M.Sc. Eneko Jose Madorran Esteiro 

PhD candidate

Tadej Tofant 

Technical assistant

Mirjam Grebenc

Student assistant

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A motivated, proactive, team player interested in biomedical engineering and/or related topics such as materials science, cell and molecular biology, regenerative medicine, etc. Someone who is eager to learn and wants to join an enthusiastic, friendly and interdisciplinary team, either as a Master, PhD or post-doc candidate.

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Service activities we offer to the industry

Preparation of (bio) polymer coatings

Preparation of 3D printed structures from (bio) polymers

Chemical and structural characterization of (bio) polymer products

Biocompatibility studies

Development of in vitro models of human tissues and diseases

Development of pharmacological delivery systems

Testing of pharmacologically active substances of natural and synthetic origin

Testing the pharmacological and toxic effects of various physical and chemical factors

Biochemical analyzes of biological samples

Development and testing of (bio) sensors