Physio-mimetic model of enterohepatic circulation

Reference number


Financing, programme, call 

Co-financing of scientific research cooperation between the Republic of Slovenia and the United States of America 2022 – ARRS

Partnering organisations 

The Johns hopkins University School of Medicine, Institute for Fundamental Biomedical Research


Jan Rožanc


1.7.2022 – 30.6.2024

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Short description

The project focuses on the development of advanced, state-of-the-art microphysiological systems (MPS) that connect the human intestine and liver on a chip and replicate the complex enterohepatic circulation in vitro. Based on 3D bioprinted organ models with a functional simulation of all fluid flows in vivo, project goals include: – Development of novel 3D in vitro models of the liver and the gut with a suitable level of complexity – Development of a MPS platform of coupling of the novel developed models of the liver and the gut – Integration and of the models in the MPS platform to form a functional enterohepatic circulation model
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